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A research survey of 504 Christian singles

I conducted a survey of 504 Christian singles to find out what their experience in church as a single has been.  I wrote several articles based on pieces of the data, but haven’t published the complete data until now.  Below are links to the articles from the data, followed by all of the data (including comments) from the 504 respondents.  There are a lot of comments, but they are on point.

The Best Ministry to Singles Has Nothing to do with Your Singles Ministry

Research shows 77% of Christian Singles are Waiting to Have Sex Until Marriage

Research shows 45% of Christian singles feel outcast within the Church, 3% are LGBTQ

Research Statistics: 504 Christian Singles on Singleness in the Church

And a related article inspired by the survey results:

Stop Shaming Single Christians: The strand of three chords in Ecclesiastes has nothing to do with marriage

Click the .pdf graphic below to download all of the singles survey data.  This includes 21 questions, the first 18 of which are in bar graph format and the final 3 are in short answer format.  Feel free to use and republish the data in any format beneficial to you; please cite Noah Filipiak, when you use the data.










There are tons of singles’ ministry resources out there for churches.  Many large churches have a full-time pastor or director in charge of their singles ministry (sometimes called “College and Career” or another pseudonym).  Effectively shepherding singles is a difficult tension.  Singles often ask, “What do you have for me?” but the programmatic efforts to respond to that question, while looking good on paper, often don’t translate to fruitful ministry to singles.  In fact, those efforts can often make things worse.

In a survey of 504 Christian singles, 62% of respondents said they would prefer to be included with married couples in church ministry programs such as small group and events, the types of things singles normally get separated out from.  Continue Reading…

Not everybody’s doing it.

In fact, out of 504 Christian singles surveyed, 3 out of 4 aren’t doing it.

In a culture that worships sex like it’s the Holy Grail, the Fountain of Youth and everlasting LSD all wrapped into one, it’s good for a Christian single person to know they aren’t going against the flow as much as media would like to make them feel when they set out to follow the Bible’s design for sex, reserving it for marriage.

Rather than being in the minority amongst Christian singles, those surveyed who have committed to saving sex for marriage are in the vast majority, with 77% (387 out of 504) saying so.

Of the remaining 23%, 19% of Christian singles say they believe that sex before marriage is a sin but are currently sexually active and/or don’t plan on waiting until marriage to have sex.  The remaining 4% do not believe it’s a sin.


These are reassuring stats for those who love the Church and love the Bible.  In today’s culture, it can often feel like everyone is throwing away what the Bible says in preference for whatever feels good or is seen as cool, popular or progressive.  We expect the world to act this way, but the real discouragement comes when it seems the foundation of the Church is following this trend, rather than staying true to God’s Word and will.

While the 23% of Christian singles who are having sex outside of marriage shows we still have work to do within the Church, the 77% who are holding strong to Scripture in one of the most difficult areas of life show that the biblical fire empowering the core of the Church of Jesus is still burning brightly, contrary to what it may feel like from the media headlines.

It’s good to see yet another example that the death of the Church has been greatly exaggerated.  Stay faithful to Jesus, Christian singles, your testimony is a shining light to many.


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3.37% of the Christian singles in your church are gay.*  At least a recent research survey of 504 Christian singles indicates this (Click here for research demographics and controls).

*3.37% checked the box indicating their sexual orientation as “LGBTQ (also check if you best relate with the term “same sex attraction”)”

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 1.14.22 PM

If same sex attraction is not a sin, which it isn’t, and we are preaching to these Christians that they are to be single and celibate the rest of their lives, what are we doing with them from there?  Are they left to figure out how to do this on their own?  Are they to be lonely forever?  Are they outcast?  Are they look at as “lesser” because they aren’t married with children?  These are the questions this survey explores.

A church that teaches gay Christians to be single and celibate but who doesn’t uphold and value singleness in robust ways is like the person in James 2:15-16 who sees a brother or sister without clothes and daily food and says, “Go in peace, keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs.  James follows this illustration up with the piercing question: what good is it?

And of course there are plenty of heterosexual singles in our churches as well, 96.63% to be precise.  Among the 504 Christian singles surveyed, 410 (81.35%) of them do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend, the truest definition of singleness.

45.83% of Christian singles feel devalued, like an outcast, or in a lesser life stage at church because they are single: Continue Reading…

The purpose of this survey is to ask Christian singles directly what it’s like to be single and a Christian in the Church today as a way of testing if the Church’s efforts to minister to singles is effective or not.  The survey stops the ministry leadership cycle of assuming we know what singles think or neglecting them altogether, and going straight to the source.

The page you are currently on will be the demographic reference of “What does a Christian single look like?” for subsequent posts that break down and analyze the entire 21 question survey.  These posts will include analysis of gay Christian singles, if Christian singles believe in saving sex until marriage or not, if singles feel valued or outcast, and if singles prefer being segmented off with other singles or being combined with families and married couples.  At the end of the analysis posts, I will post all of the data on a .pdf for you to have for free.

Christian Singles Survey Statistics

Performed by Noah Filipiak & using SurveyMonkey.

504 Christian singles were surveyed in July and August 2015.  Respondents had to answer “Are you a follower of Jesus (a professing Christian)?”  Only the 504 “Yes” answers were kept for the survey results.

Age range of respondents:

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.11.02 AM

Other demographic stats of research group:

154 Male (30.56%), 350 Female (69.44%)

45 have children (8.93%), 459 do not have children (91.07%)

45 have been previously married and divorced (8.95%), 458 have never been married (91.05%), 1 skipped the question

4 have been previously married and widowed (0.8%), 495 have not been widowed (99.2%), 5 skipped the question

487 (96.63%) are straight/heterosexual, 17 (3.37%) are LGBTQ (also checked if they best relate with the term “same sex attraction”)

454 (90.08%) attend church regularly, 50 (9.92%) do not attend church regularly

94 (18.65%) have a boyfriend or girlfriend, 410 (81.35%) do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend

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