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I recently posted on the question, “Am I going to hell if I don’t believe Jonah was eaten by a fish?”

Our response to questions like these are very important because the credibility of the entire Bible is at stake.  It is not good enough to pick and choose the parts of the Bible you wish you to apply and the parts you don’t, nor is it good enough to fudge logic and tell people to believe things that don’t stack up rationally.  What follows is my summary of the article “The Historicity of the Book of Jonah” (p.1474) taken from the NIV Archaeological Study Bible.  I highly recommend this Bible as it provides much more contextual details than a standard study Bible and is refreshingly honest about various theories regarding the Bible’s historicity.

  • There is no question that Jonah was a historical person.  He is mentioned in 2 Kings 14:25, which suggests he was one of the more nationalistic and militaristic prophets.
  • If it is pure fiction, its author could have used this prophet as a character because he wanted to make a point about divine compassion: God, in showing mercy to the Ninevites, humbled this angry, super-patriotic, prophet.

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After a Crossroads membership class, I had a friend ask to meet with me about some concerns he was having. In a nutshell, he had some doubts about the historicity of some parts of the Bible, like Jonah and the early parts of Genesis.  Because of these doubts, he was questioning his entire view of the Bible. After all, if parts of it weren’t true, how could any of the rest of it hold water either? Connecting the dots, this caused him to doubt his faith as a Christian.

Lack of belief that Jonah was actually eaten by a fish leads to lack of faith that God loves me, came to rescue me from my sins, has a mission on earth for me, and has prepared a place in heaven for me…Why does this happen?

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