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10 things I incorporate into my life that I’d like to challenge you with to help you think differently:

  1. Live below your means on purpose so you can give generously
  2. Do not go out to eat for workday lunch.  Pack your lunch.  Save the money.  Give generously.
  3. Fantasy football objectifies the players.  Are they people or something else?
  4. Fantasy football, football, and sports fandom can be ways to numb ourselves to life and to never graduate from adolescence.  If this is all you talk about, you have a problem.
  5. How much of your life do you waste watching TV or playing video games?
  6. Do you control your phone or does it control you?
  7. Are we a better or worse society with the invention of the Internet?
  8. #BlackLivesMatter is not a competition against other sorts of lives mattering.  It is a recognition that throughout history when a white life or a police life is tragically murdered, the murderer goes to trial and faces the penalty of our justice system, but when a black life is tragically murdered, very often the murderer never even faces charges.  Because black lives haven’t mattered throughout our history, a history that has shaped our contemporary culture and left a lot of residual filth.  Don’t add things to this important reflection.
  9. Homogeneity is not the answer.
  10. Leonardo is a goody-goody buzzkill, Donatello is a nerd, Raphael is a jerk, Michelangelo is awesome. Turtle Power.


These are things to make you think.  They are not laws and I’m not telling you what to do.

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