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What does the Bible say about anger?

Ditch Your Goals for Adventures, Ditch Your Anger for Peace

I’ve struggled with anger for most of my life.

There are generally two types of anger.  One is projected toward a specific person or persons like the spray of a machine gun, the other is brooding and internal and tends to explode when disrupted; like impatience slathered in gasoline.  A spark is bound to find it eventually.

Both wreak havoc in families.

Both wreak havoc in relationships.

Both are huge blockades to peace.

Both seem impossible to manage or control.

It’s one thing to hear a great sermon on anger and say, “Yes.  I will stop getting angry.” Continue Reading…

So to start out, this is a hilarious video.  If this describes you, or a loved one, it’s likely you should continue reading…

This post has a tongue-in-cheek element to it, but as a recovering sports nut myself, it’s also meant to be taken seriously.  Too often we can rationalize sinful or idolatrous behavior “because it’s sports,” as if sports were a trump card to do or think whatever we want.

5 Ways to Tell if Your Sports Fandom Needs to be Checked:

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I’ve struggled with anger most of my life and have been encouraged to have made some recent discoveries that have been very helpful.  While many people’s anger is toward other people, i.e. frustration, retaliation, and revenge, mine is typically directed at inanimate objects.  I drop a plate and it breaks; I get angry.  I throw an interception in my Madden video game; I get angry (my friends from college are nodding here).  My computer runs slow or does something unexpected; I get angry.

I was raised to not say swear words.  I remember I had said two my entire life, up until around 15 months ago or so.  That being when Lexi was a newborn… and like all newborns, she decided sleeping was optional and crying in the middle of the night was much preferred.  Which did wonders on my self-restraint…or lack thereof.  I never once got mad at Lexi, but I can’t say the same for the snaps on her little outfits that never cooperated, or the diapers that gave me fits, or the who knows what else that would fall off from where it was supposed to be as I stumbled around at three in the morning.  And the swearing began.

This translated into flipping off my computer.  Often.  Which translated to flipping off and swearing at my computer.  Often.  Continue Reading…