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I did an interview last year with an Iranian Christian friend of mine who lives in Lansing.  My friend converted from Islam when living in Iran and thus had to become a refugee to escape those trying to kill him, namely his father.  You can read the interview here:  After Death Threats from Muslims in Lansing, Post Deleted, Reposted Anonymously.  In the article I mention my friend’s pastor from Iran, the man who led him to Christ and who was now serving a prison sentence for being a Christian pastor, Pastor Farshid Fathi.  Pastor Fathi’s arrest and imprisonment is the event that led my friend to flee Iran on the week of his own wedding as a refugee.

For those who read that interview, I wanted to share the great news that according to BosNewsLife, Pastor Farshid Fathi was released from prison this week!  You can read the details of his release in the BosNewsLife article here. 

Praise God!  Be in prayer for Pastor Fathi and his family.  And continue to pray for American citizen Pastor Saeed who is still being illegally imprisoned in Iran.


It is a convenient, and I’ll admit, still a somewhat helpful statement to say, “What the KKK is to Christianity is what ISIS is to Islam.”  The problem with it is, it is not true.

By “not true,” I mean it is not objectively, factually, academically true.  Not because I said so, but because of one crucial distinction:

The KKK is disobeying what the Bible commands, while ISIS is obeying what the Qur’an says. 

This statement is not Islamophobic, nor is it a matter of interpretation of the Bible or the Qur’an, it is simply true.  Trust me, I am very much against Islamophobia, but I am also simultaneously against ignorance.  I don’t mean ‘ignorance’ in the insulting way, I mean it simply as the Dictionary definition of the word: lack of knowledge or information. The good news is, we don’t have to be ignorant in order to not be Islamophobic.  Continue Reading…

What do Muslims believe?

What do Muslims believe?

terrorist turkey suicide boming

The cover of the 10.11.15 USA Today section of the Lansing State Journal. Photo credit: Adem Altan, AFP/Getty Images

I opened my newspaper’s USA Today section yesterday to see another horrifying cover story of Muslim suicide bombers devastating innocent people.  What makes this attack different than some is that it is Muslims attacking other Muslims, this time in Turkey.  Many people want an answer to the question, “What do Muslims believe as it relates to all of these killings?”  They want to know: are Muslims dangerous?  Is Islam dangerous or is it a “Religion of Peace?”  Many are also rightfully concerned about Islamophobia, which is when all Muslims (and people from the Middle East in general) are racially and/or religiously stereotyped as potential terrorists.

When you see Muslims blowing up other Muslims, it shows you that two-dimensional Encyclopedia answers simply will not suffice to accurately answer these questions.  If Muslims all believed the same things, they wouldn’t be tragically blowing each other up.

There are two types of Muslims: Cultural Muslims (have also been called Secular Muslims or Moderate* Muslims) & Radical Muslims (have also been called Fundamentalist Muslims or even Orthodox Muslims).  The fact that Radical Muslims are blowing up Cultural Muslims tells you they greatly disagree on what they believe, so to say “This is what Muslims believe” would be both impossible and inaccurate.  The beliefs must be compared to each other as they represent two entirely different worldviews with two entirely different sources of authority. Continue Reading…

Here are two things I am passionate about:

  1. Having conversations about what is true about different religions (specifically Islam in recent conversations) without saying the (silly) notion that all religions are the same.  I desire simple honesty about what a religion believes and when lies are thrown out there, to identify them as such.  How else will we ever find what is true about God?
  2. Not marginalizing, stereotyping, or spreading injustice to people who are Muslim.

Here’s what I’ve observed: Continue Reading…

ben carson andre carson islam

Congressman André Carson (left), Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson (right)

I was listening to an interview with U.S. Representative André Carson on NPR yesterday.  Carson is one of only two Muslims in Congress and was being asked about the violence that is connected with the Muslim faith.

Congressman Carson was giving the standard moderate Muslim response that the texts in the Qur’an that command violence are taken out of context and don’t apply anymore.  I blogged extensively on this a few months ago, showing without a doubt that the Qur’an and Muhammad commanded murder and violence and that no contextual timetable was set for these commands.

What you have is a case of Muslims, like Congressman Carson, who simply do not believe the Qur’an and/or do not follow it.  Then you have Muslims, like ISIS and others, who do believe it and who are following it.  (For the record, moderate Muslims are great people!  They just don’t believe in Islam’s holy book or it’s founder’s commands.)

The media has made this sound so offensive, so bigoted, so prejudiced.  Continue Reading…