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I reposted yesterday a previous write-up I did on what Jehovah’s Witnesses believe and got good response so I decided to repost the sequel post today, written around a year ago, on what Mormons believe.  I think this is important stuff to know as we see Mormons do more ad campaigns and get more in the public spotlight with Mormons such as Mitt Romney.  I hope this helps you:

(for a short, simple, great resource, see Mormonism by Kurt Van Gorden)

This post started out as a reply to a Mormon, Dan Holden, who commented on my previous blog post about when two Jehovah’s Witnesses stopped by my house.  As I tend to do, I got rather lengthy with it so decided to turn it into its’ own post rather than leave it as a comment:

Thanks for the comment Dan, I really do appreciate your willingness to converse about these things.  I think the biggest thing to remember when arguing against the Trinity is that Christians do believe that God exists in 3 separate persons.  The Scriptures I often see non-Trinitarians like JW’s and Mormons use are verses that we already use to explain God’s 3 Persons.  We believe the Bible communicates that God is 3 Persons but 1 Essence, so arguing that He is 3 Persons is telling us something we already acknowledge (simply stating this as advice as you lay out your arguments).

i'm a mormon ad campaign

The second piece of advice is that when you (a Mormon) are talking to a Christian, remember that we do not believe the Book of Mormon to be authoritative/true, so you can’t use arguments from the Book of Mormon with a Christian to help argue your point.  We can both use the Bible in our discussions though, which is a good place to have this conversation.  Though Christians are able to show where the Book of Mormon contradicts the Bible, which is what brings up my unanswered questions about Mormonism, for example, on it states: Continue Reading…