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Reasons you should care about Child Sexual Abuse:

  • The most likely candidates to abuse your children are people you wouldn’t expect.  People like relatives, babysitters, etc who have developed trust relationships with them.
  • Abduction is not something that happens to other people.  It happens to people who don’t think it will happen to them and their children.
  • If you’re a church, you need your children’s ministry to be a safe and secure area, with as much transparency, accountability and safety protocol as possible.
  • God cares about it!  (See the Scriptures below)
  • Children who have been sexually abused are the most likely to become abusers themselves so quality care, like what The Firecracker Foundation provides, is essential.
  • 1 out of 4 women have been sexually abused, as have many men.  This means that you all know victims of sexual abuse.  If you aren’t aware of the problem, how will they ever be able to turn to you for love, care, grace and support?

We are doing a “Pie Party” to fight against child sexual abuse on Wednesday May 7th from 5-7pm at the downtown Lansing Grand Traverse Pie Co., which I invite you to join us for if you’re in the area.  See below for the origins of this party, and click here to RSVP to the Facebook event. Continue Reading…

Most porn users and addicts will attest to the damaging effects porn has on the user, but often the collateral damage of porn, the damage it causes to others surrounding it, often go unnoticed.  For those making efforts to break the addiction of porn, using every tool in the toolbox is going to help toward that goal.  Ultimately, freedom is found when we can reprogram ourselves to God’s original design for sex, not the fantasy world that porn and our sex-saturated culture have duped us into believing.  One of those tools that goes unused is the realization of what porn does to so many others.  While I, the user, am getting a dopamine high and a self-made orgasm, the ripple effect of my decision to do these things goes farther and deeper than I could ever imagine.

1.  The first and most evident victim of this collateral damage Continue Reading…