Interview with author Sarah Arthur on spiritually healthy ways of measuring success

In Episode 19, the one-year anniversary episode for Behind the Curtain, Noah Filipiak interviews 11-time author Sarah Arthur.  Sarah’s book Walking with Frodo was the #1 bestselling youth resource in Christian publishing for the holiday season 2003, and #13 in all categories and Walking with Bilbo won the Logos Book Award at the Christian Booksellers Convention for Best Youth Book 2005.  Her most recent books include a 3-part devotional series that follow the Church liturgical calendar:  Between Midnight & Dawn, Light Upon Light & At the Still PointNoah and Sarah discuss the roller-coaster ride of succeeding and failing in the publishing world and how to discover spiritually healthy ways of measuring success in anything we do in life.  In a fast-forward world where everything is pressing and urgent, this interview examines how to rest in our identity as God’s kids and not let other voices determine our ultimate value.

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4 responses to Interview with author Sarah Arthur on spiritually healthy ways of measuring success

  1. What a refreshing listen to podcast #19 on “spiritually healthy ways of measuring success”. It took me back through my own personal journey of 65 plus years and reminded me of some of the timeless principles that God has taught me along the way. For example, I am reminded once again that whatever we do whether in the midst of the crowds of life with all the business of life OR alone spending time intimately with God, it is all for the glory of God and we have unconditional acceptance from our Creator through the precious blood of Christ!

    • That’s so helpful Steve, thank you! God has been teaching me this slowly but surely, I am so thankful for his faithfulness, and oh how I wish I were a quicker / better learner!

  2. Hey Noah, I haven’t listened to the interview yet, just checking in to say hi. You and your ministry came to mind and hope/pray that you’re knowing grace in everything.

    • Thanks for checking in Alan! Things are going well. Thanks for supporting my blog and podcast, it really means a lot to me and is very helpful to my publishing efforts. I’m excited about my upcoming podcast guests: authors Wesley Hill, Zack Eswine, musician Derek Webb and Utah state senator Todd Weiler.

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