Signed by A Literary Agent, How You Can Help My First Book Get Published

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In the publishing world, there is a very fine line between being obnoxiously pushy and doing the legitimate and needed work of getting people behind your writing project in order to get it published.

There’s a fine line between egotistically promoting yourself and humbly promoting Jesus.

There’s a fine line between wanting to get something published because it will “make your name great,” make people think you are cool, smart or important, make some money and actually wanting to impact lives for Jesus the same way you do in a sermon or in a church plant, believing that the gospel will transform lives and that God has given you a unique angle that will help people who are currently struggling.

In an attempt to walk these fine lines, I ask for your help.  I need your help.

I’m very relieved and happy to report that I was signed by a well-established literary agent.  This is a huge hurdle to cross.  I thank each of you so much for every blog click, podcast listen, and social media share that made this possible.  Thank you to each of you who have been so encouraging to me about my writing and my ministry; your words of encouragement are invaluable to me.

With the huge step of being signed by an agent behind me, I am reaching out to see if you can help get my first book published.  What I mean is, a publisher is going to look to see how “publishable” I am, which they will mostly track in blog hits, Twitter and Facebook followers, podcast listens, newsletter subscribers, etc.  (Sadly getting your first book published has very little to do with the book’s content and mostly with how many people “follow” you as an author)

Zondervan currently seems to like me and my book (they haven’t told us no yet!) and seems to be simply be waiting on my platform (author newsletter email list, blog stats, Facebook and Twitter followers, etc.) to grow larger.

My first book is entitled Beyond the Battle: A man’s guide to his identity in Christ in an over-sexualized world

Digging deeper than the surface-level tricks and tactics men are already familiar with, Beyond the Battle unpacks the heart of the gospel to show every man what he’s been looking for all along.

Books in the pipeline include a companion book for women, a book on homosexuality, books on hermeneutics (understanding hard passages in the Bible), and many more.

All proceeds from my book and related speaking engagements go to Crossroads Church, the inner-city church I planted and pastor.

To help, please consider doing any or all of the following.  Thank you so much:

  • Share my blog posts on social media (shoot, share them all!)
  • Subscribe to my blog posts via email using the sign-up box in the right sidebar. ==>
  • Book me for a speaking engagement. e.g. Men’s events, Sunday pulpit supply, chapel services, retreats, college ministries, etc.
  • Like my Facebook author page
  • Follow me on Twitter and retweet posts that you like (shoot, retweet them all!)
  • Listen to my podcast, The “Behind the Curtain” Ministry Podcast
  • Rate my podcast on iTunes (in iTunes, click “Ratings and Reviews” then “Write a Review”
  • 1.Create a free account, 2. Follow my podcast there
  • Share this post in your social media networks, asking others to help out as well!
  • Subscribe (at top) to my author newsletter email list.


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3 responses to Signed by A Literary Agent, How You Can Help My First Book Get Published

  1. Hey Noah, just a non blogger’s opinion, your blog could be a monster of hits and comments and all the stuff that makes for ‘platform’ if you tilled this garden on a more regular basis. Not so much posting new content but responding, when called for, to comments and questions quicker. Your feedback always/mostly is spot on but weeks/months later is a killer to conversation/interest. Hey man, the blog isn’t or shouldn’t be top priority, and keep in mind this is coming from a bloggee, but you could have something good/better here.

    • Meant to include that your minstry is worth supporting. . . anyone reading this post should support Noah thru any/all of the ways listed above, and prayer.

    • that’s a great point Alan. I sometimes take 4-5 months to reply to comments! it’s part of the tough reality of pastoring a church, raising kids, all that jazz, but i do appreciate the push, it’s very helpful!

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