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Chris McKenna is the new Educational Resource Manager for Covenant Eyes and also runs the website Protect Young Eyes (  Protect Young Eyes is loaded with free tools for parents, as Chris specializes in speaking weekly around the Midwest to parents and students on using the Internet better as the latest apps and devices hit the market.

Noah and Chris each share how they overcame addictions to pornography, as they discuss what both kids and adults are up against today in the age of mobile devices.  This is a must-listen for anyone who struggles with lust, as well as anyone parenting kids in this new day and age.  Most people would never imagine their kids are looking at porn on their tablets or phones, but there’s a good chance they are, or soon will be.  Some will be surprised to hear all the ways their child might be accessing porn outside of the standard internet browser (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

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I’m an affiliate for Covenant Eyes, which means I already was using their product and loved it and signed up to help them sell more of their products. My church gets a small commission when someone signs up via one of my links. One of the benefits of being an affiliate is I get to occasionally offer special deals you won’t find via the regular Covenant Eyes website, with the hope that one of these deals might be what gets you over the hump to try a filter or monitoring software to help keep you and your family safe from online pornography.

I’ve written extensively about why Covenant Eyes is a top notch purity software option.

Covenant Eyes is celebrating their new app for Android.  The new app, available for users of Android 4.4.2 and higher, provides the most precise reporting of all Accountability apps out there. We report the pages actually viewed on a growing number of apps, including:

  • Pre-installed browsers
  • Google Chrome
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Instagram
  • and more to come!

For a limited time (this offer is only good through August 21), use my affiliate link to sign up for Covenant Eyes and you’ll get your first 60 days of the service for free.

  • You decide if you want filters that block sites or just monitoring software (email reports of online activity sent to accountability partners)
  • You pay one flat rate and can use Covenant Eyes on unlimited devices (computers, tablets, phones, etc.)
  • You also have the option of purchasing a Family Plan, which allows you to create unique users (i.e. for your kids, for you, etc.) with unique settings.

Other great free stuff from Covenant Eyes:


covenantEyes_logo_sexual purity I recently met with a friend of mine who is a new Christian. He’s in his mid 20’s and has a pretty incredible testimony—giving his life to Christ after an upbringing of abuse, drugs, crime and promiscuity. I asked him what areas of his life he still needed to surrender to Christ and his answer was quick and emphatic: pornography on his phone.

My answer was also quick and emphatic: Covenant Eyes.

For some it’s amazing that someone could surrender drugs and crime and even premarital sex to Jesus, but be unable to surrender pornography. As if pornography were the least of all of those evils and thus the easiest to give up. Not that sins are in competition with one another for which one is “worst,” but there is no doubt that pornography is an addiction and is (in my opinion and experience) almost impossible to give up cold turkey, without any outside assistance and accountability.

My friend went on to tell me how he’d go to bed at night, would pray every night, but then wouldn’t be able to fall asleep so would grab his iPhone and before he knew it was pouring over pornography again, only to feel dirty and disgusting afterward. In addition to the chemical changes pornography does to our brains, the reason it’s so hard to give up is because it is both ridiculously accessible and ridiculously accepted in our culture.

My friend is not the only 20-something who puts himself to sleep every night by looking at porn on his phone. In fact, it’s getting to the point in secular culture where this is seen as normal behavior, especially for single men.

If you have naively handed out smartphones to your children without Covenant Eyes installed on them, it’s only a matter of time before their web activities lead them to the alluring and addictive land of pornography.

Is there more to being free from pornography than online purity software? Yes. You need the Church, you need community, and you need biblical guidance to change the wiring of your heart (which Covenant Eyes provides an abundance of free resources on via their blog and e-books). But it’s very hard to put a fire out while a gasoline can is being consistently poured on it. The access to pornography must be stopped before the deeper work can be done.

The beauty of Covenant Eyes is that you can choose to use it as a filter that blocks websites, as monitoring software that sends emails to accountability partners, or as a combination of the two. You also only pay one affordable monthly rate and can then put the software on unlimited online devices (phone, tablet, computers, etc.). Contrast this with a different online purity software I used before Covenant Eyes where I had to pay $40 per month for each device. Covenant Eyes is a deal and a half in comparison.

As I told my friend, you can use my affiliate link and get your first month of Covenant Eyes free. It’s an investment well worth the cost. In all reality, the cost of not using Covenant Eyes and continuing to allow the sewage of pornography into your life is what you really can’t afford.









One of Satan’s biggest lies when it comes to sexual temptation is that we’re the only one who struggles with it. If we were to share our struggles with trusted Christian friends their mouths would surely drop, gasping in disbelief and disgust at our dirty sin. So we keep our struggle bottled up in shame, struggling in isolation, the spiral of addiction and despair swirling deeper and deeper.

Others lie to themselves, telling themselves their sin isn’t bad enough to have to talk about it and deal with it. They only stumble into porn or lust or fantasy every now and then and they are working on it and will eventually get rid of it on their own strength.

These lies serve to keep us entangled in our sin and will keep the life slowing seeping out of us, true freedom never in hand.

When I first starting sharing about my past addiction to pornography in sermons, I was very hesitant. Continue Reading…