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There are lots of parts in the Bible I don’t like.  And I’m not talking about sins I’d like to commit that the Bible tells me not to, that’s a different conversation.  I’m talking parts of the Bible that make me cringe.  Parts that don’t make sense to my 21st century American mind.  Parts that feel like they don’t fit with my idea of who God is supposed to be.

Most of us, if we’re honest, feel the same way about various parts of the Bible.  Here’s the number one thing we cannot do:  We cannot dismiss or alter parts of the Bible we don’t like simply because we don’t like them.

We can’t do this because the Bible is where we find out who Jesus is and how to be saved.  If we start selecting the parts we like and don’t like, where is the credibility of any of it?

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Congressman André Carson (left), Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson (right)

I was listening to an interview with U.S. Representative André Carson on NPR yesterday.  Carson is one of only two Muslims in Congress and was being asked about the violence that is connected with the Muslim faith.

Congressman Carson was giving the standard moderate Muslim response that the texts in the Qur’an that command violence are taken out of context and don’t apply anymore.  I blogged extensively on this a few months ago, showing without a doubt that the Qur’an and Muhammad commanded murder and violence and that no contextual timetable was set for these commands.

What you have is a case of Muslims, like Congressman Carson, who simply do not believe the Qur’an and/or do not follow it.  Then you have Muslims, like ISIS and others, who do believe it and who are following it.  (For the record, moderate Muslims are great people!  They just don’t believe in Islam’s holy book or it’s founder’s commands.)

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