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Last week Shaun White won a snowboarding gold medal, only to have the spotlight shift toward a 2016 lawsuit against White by a female drummer in his band.  She was suing White for sexual harassment, which included forcing her to watch porn of two people have sex on a bear, and several other unsavory allegations.

This made me look at White a lot differently.  It made me not want to cheer for him.

So today I’m listening to the Jim Rome sports radio show to learn that 110,000 condoms were distributed in the Pyeongchang Olympic Village.  That’s 37 condoms per Olympian.

450,000 condoms were given out in the 2016 Rio Olympic Village.  41 per athlete.

Tinder, a dating app where people hookup for sex, has had its usage increase by 348 percent since the start of the games in the Pyeongchang Olympic Village.

Decorated US swimmer Ryan Lochte told ESPN he estimated 70-75% of the Olympians are sexually active with one another during the games. Continue Reading…

The Ashley Madison name leaks that have taken the world by storm shouldn’t surprise us.  For those not familiar, Ashley Madison was a website where people who wanted to cheat on their spouses could privately post profiles of themselves in order to link up with other cheaters.  A hacker recently revealed all of the cheater names to the public (approximately 30 million names worldwide).

While many rail on gay marriage for destroying the institution of marriage, we fail to realize that the divine covenant of marriage has been missing from mainstream American culture for a very long time now.  It’s convenient to fail to realize this because it allows us to continue dabbling in our sinful pleasures, while still feeling like we are good people as we point the finger at everyone else.

The names on Ashley Madison didn’t get there overnight.  Continue Reading…