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My 6-year-old daughter has been avidly reading her kids Bible.  She’s read it through several times and is now excitedly reading her sister’s kids Bible, which her sister just got her for 5th birthday this week.  Using sister’s birthday presents is always better than using your own, of course.  These are the kids Bibles that have a big cartoon picture on each page, along with 3 or 4 lines of jumbo print.  They contain most of the stories in the Bible and are divided up with an Old Testament and a New Testament.

I do love how easily my daughter believes in the stories of the Bible.  It reminds me of why the Old Testament in particular was structured around passing the faith down from one generation to another.

I also have to catch myself, remembering how easily my daughter believes in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.  Arguing with me that Santa Claus exists, even though I tell her time and time again that he doesn’t (against my wife’s will…).  Continue Reading…

Ken Wytsma’s most recent book The Grand Paradox, addresses many of the tensions believers and non-believers feel toward the Christian faith.

Ken is founder of The Justice Conference coming up June 5-6 in Chicago and is also the author of Pursuing Justice.

Tensions within the Bible and Christianity abound.  Many of these tensions push people away from faith.  Ken argues they should push us toward it.

Ken argues that if doubt is like thirst in the desert, faith is its water.

This sounds catchy for a pastor to say, but how can this be true when people’s doubts deal with such deep topics as personal pain, suffering in the world, brutality in the Old Testament, and so on?  The answer will change your faith and your life. Continue Reading…

A non-Christian friend of mine was recently struggling with the amount of evil he saw in the world.  He doesn’t believe in

Michael E Wittmer

God, but he seemed to see evil everywhere and admitted to believing Satan was behind it.  I asked him to consider the implications of believing in Satan, but not in a God who can save us from him.

Another friend is into witchcraft and sorcery, where you can see some pretty freaky things.  I told him (taken from the
Screwtape Letters
by C.S. Lewis) that Satan often tips his hand.  Satan doesn’t want us to know about him personally because if there’s personal force behind evil, there’s bound to be a personal force behind good (or at least there had better be!).

If you believe in evil, but not in good–in Satan, but not in God–you are in an unenviable spot!  I’m currently reading the book Despite Doubt by Michael E. Wittmer and he hits a home run on this subject.  This is taken from pages 57-59 of Despite Doubt; a book I highly highly highly recommend you read: (underlining mine)

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