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Game of Thrones is arguably the most popular and successful show on television.  A big reason for its popularity is the gratuitous nudity it’s become famous for.  People will rush to defend these displays for the sake of art, yet the producers know that sex, not art, is what sells.  Listen to a Game of Thrones director, Neil Marshall, quoting an unnamed show producer on the Podcast:

This particular exec, like, took me to one side and said, “Look, I represent the pervert side of the audience. Ok?  Everybody else is the serious drama side. I represent the perv side of the audience, and I want full frontal nudity in this scene. So you go ahead and do it.”

This was followed by chuckles and laughs shared between Marshall and the podcast host, both men.

Our culture is a cesspool of objectification of the female body.  Women aren’t seen as human beings, but as objects to be consumed by men.  You see the end result of this in the millions of broken hearts, despairing headlines, and addicts trying to find their next and bigger fix.  Yet we let the cycle continue by gorging on the gratuitous objectified bodies of Game of Thrones and many other porn outlets, acting like we can have the best of both worlds: enjoying the instant gratification of sex way outside of how God designed it, without it having any effect on our life, relationships, and the fabric of society as a whole.

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Kim Davis is just the beginning folks.

There will be more Kim Davis’s, more protests, more anger, more butting of heads and shouting over top of one another.

Whatever side you’re on, I think all agree the Kim Davis situation is a debacle.  A debacle for different reasons depending on your side, but a debacle nonetheless.

yelling at kim davisI’m not writing this to pick sides or to rally or to protest.  I’ve written a lot about gay marriage in the past, which I encourage you to read up on.  What I want to show here is how there is a solution, and it’s a relatively simple one, to the moral, political, spiritual and ethical divide that the gay marriage debate has created in our country.  A debate that has gotten a lot of people really mad, on both sides of the fence.  A debate that has created an even deeper divide between the Church and those we are trying to reach.

  • The institution of marriage was desecrated long before gay marriage became legal.  I’m not saying this makes gay marriage a moot point, but I seldom here this being talked about transparently.  And when it’s not talked about transparently, only part of the picture is given, which isn’t helpful in coming up with solutions.  Premarital sex and divorce stomped all over the Bible’s design for marriage long before gay marriage did.  I don’t just mean that some rogue individuals who were having premarital sex or getting divorced, but that both have become cultural norms within society, with little voice or resistance from the Church.  In fact, so little resistance has been given by the Church that they have become norms in the Church as well.
  • When’s the last time you saw a protest of Christians against divorce?
  • Or against premarital sex?
  • We need to be honest about the reason for all of this.  (Generally speaking…) We have heterosexuals in our church pews who are actively engaged in premarital sexual lifestyles.  We also have those who’ve been divorced sitting in our church pews.  We don’t have homosexuals sitting in our church pews.  The natural result of this is that the Church is able to “make a stand” against homosexual sin, preaching to the choir and only getting affirmation in response, while not making a stand for the sins being committed by those in our own congregations.  If we made this stand, those people might stop giving or they might get upset or they might leave our churches.

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