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One of my uncles died last week. He was 67. My dad is also 67.

I turned 35 today. If you cut my years on this earth in half and went back in time, it would be the summer between my junior and senior year of high school.


Now I’m 35.

If you double the years I’ve already spent on this earth, I’ll be 70.

Blink blink.

It’s been a reflective couple of weeks for me. It’s a reflective time when I start realizing my parents and their siblings are the generation of people who are dying. Like when I was in 3rd grade and my grandpa died. I was sad, but also gained a pragmatic understanding: that’s what old people do, they die. Continue Reading…

Suffering is one of the most common reasons people doubt God.

If God is so loving, how can such bad things happen?

Trite statements by Christians only make this worse:

Something good will come out this, just wait.

God has a purpose for everything. 

Something good will come out of rape, child abuse, or the premature death of a loved one…

As if God were committing atrocities so we’d learn a lesson later.

I want to propose that most people live with the expectation that this world is heaven, so when they discover (through observing or experiencing suffering) that it isn’t, they are devastated.  Specifically, their idea of God is devastated.

This is a very complicated topic because we are indeed eternal beings, yet we do not live in an eternal world.

As eternal beings, we long for heaven.  Not just heaven as the place or destination, but a state of being without suffering, pain, disease, and death.  This is, in fact, what we were created for so it makes perfect sense we’d still be hardwired for this.  What we long for is a world without the effects of sin, while we live in the midst of a world riddled by these effects.

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There are lots of parts in the Bible I don’t like.  And I’m not talking about sins I’d like to commit that the Bible tells me not to, that’s a different conversation.  I’m talking parts of the Bible that make me cringe.  Parts that don’t make sense to my 21st century American mind.  Parts that feel like they don’t fit with my idea of who God is supposed to be.

Most of us, if we’re honest, feel the same way about various parts of the Bible.  Here’s the number one thing we cannot do:  We cannot dismiss or alter parts of the Bible we don’t like simply because we don’t like them.

We can’t do this because the Bible is where we find out who Jesus is and how to be saved.  If we start selecting the parts we like and don’t like, where is the credibility of any of it?

Before jumping into my personal most-cringe-worthy Bible texts, two very important things to remember: Continue Reading…

It’s very politically correct nowadays to say that all ways lead to God.  Your view, my view and their view are all equally true, and to say otherwise is extremely offensive.

This offends me.

This first and foremost offends my intellect because it simply doesn’t make sense.  If I believe Continue Reading…

What does the Bible say about hell?

Hell, God’s Sovereignty, Suffering & My Depravity

The doctrine of hell is one that was overemphasized in my faith upbringing.  It’s one I subsequently tried to disprove and deny using the Bible.  In this attempt, I ended up coming to terms with the truth of the biblical doctrine of hell, and in recent years it has helped me incredibly in my personal faith.  You can read more about that here.

In a recent article I wrote for the Covenant Eyes blog, I mentioned how hell has helped me in my marriage and sexual purity, to which an anonymous commenter (rudely) did not take kindly to!  You can read his comment to me in the comments of the Covenant Eyes article.  My reply to him was filled with enough content that I’m going to copy and paste it here as a new blog article about hell and some related topics:

Hi there, I appreciate your passion for this. For a good chunk of my time as a pastor and as a serious Bible reader, I wanted to prove that hell wasn’t real. Continue Reading…