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Ever see the movie Gladiator? All that “Christians fed to the lions” stuff really happened! These were the Christians going around with the newly written books of the New Testament saying that 6 people that everyone would have known (most importantly, Jesus) had risen from the dead.  Being lion food is not much of a reward…makes one wonder what motivated them?

Easter Sunday is coming, which has a lot of people thinking about resurrection from the dead.  Two Sundays ago, I preached on how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead after he had been dead (and smelly) for 4 days (John 11).  This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the religious leaders to kill Jesus once and for all (John 11:47-53).  It’s sort of hard to disprove a religion where people keep coming back from the dead, after all.

This got me thinking about the significance of the other New Testament accounts of people being raised from the dead, and wondering if other religions made these same claims.  It’s sort of going “all in” once you say that 6 local “Average Joe” types that everyone knew had risen from the dead in spectacular, public fashion, most of them at their very public funerals, and you try circulating that story in the very town you claim it happened. (Knowing your reward for circulating it was persecution, torture, and death by the Roman authorities)

I did a little research…okay I posted in on my Facebook page…to see if other faiths/religions made such audacious claims of local people coming back from the dead or not.  If your God is able to make dead people come back to life, that’s a pretty good claim of authenticity. Continue Reading…

I came across a Fox News article today about how Rollins College in Winter Park, FL shut down a four person dorm room Bible study being led by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  The college states the Bible study was only shut down because of a rule where groups can’t meet in the resident halls, but can meet in other parts of the campus.  The bigger story though is that InterVarsity was (quoting the article) de-recognized as an official campus organization after they refused to comply with the college’s non-discrimination policy. 

While InterVarsity welcomes all students and faculty to join their group, they require leaders to be followers of Christ. The college maintains that requirement is a violation of their non-discrimination policy.

I am not normally one to go up in arms over the 10 Commandments being taken down from court houses, prayer being taken out of schools, or losing sleep over the conspiracy-theory photos passed around the Internet of American concentration camps that are “being prepared for Christians.”  But this story about Rollins College is so ridiculous in its logic and hypocrisy I had to say something about it. Continue Reading…