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What first drew me to actor Terry Crews was when he made headlines for boldly speaking out against pornography.  He shared his own struggles with it to his fans (see video below) and it made national news.  The more I looked into his life, the more substance I found.  What I discovered was a courageous person who isn’t afraid to risk their popularity in order to stand for important truths.  I love this.  This led me to read Terry’s autobiography, Manhood.  What I discovered was the refreshing account of a real person, not a Hollywood facade.  What I found was a transparent, relatable guy that I have a lot in common with.  I highly recommend you read Manhood and I bet you’ll find the same thing.

12 Things Terry Crews and I have in Common:

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I’m white.airbnb-a8707ed9_original

I can use AirBnB instead of hotels when I travel.

I can drive around wherever I want without fear of getting pulled over for no reason.

I can shop in stores without being followed by employees or security.

My culture is always the dominant culture surrounding me.

I never have to assimilate to or accommodate another culture.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 2.28.37 PMAlmost all movie characters look like me.

Almost all of the Disney characters look like me.

Almost all of the characters in the kids’ books I read my children look like us.

My skin tone and culture are normal.

It’s great to be white.


My point to this list is not to point out every aspect of white privilege (you can find that list here if you’re interested).  It’s to point out: Continue Reading…

Actor Terry Crews (of Brooklyn Nine Nine & those hilarious Old Spice commercials fame) opened up on his Facebook page with some videos on how he’s overcome an addiction to pornography, how porn messes a person up and how a person can overcome pornography.  It is so refreshing to hear a Hollywood star have courage to be vulnerable and to take a stand against something that the secular media world accepts and even applauds.  While the videos aren’t explicitly Christian, you can definitely see Jesus in Terry’s character and can see how Terry’s Christian faith and identity in Christ was a guide for him through this addiction.

Terry is from Flint, MI and in addition to his prolific acting career, played 4 seasons in the NFL.

Check out Terry’s Facebook page to see the original video postings and the many comments that followed.