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I started my church 11 years ago with big dreams for God.

Church planting networks want people with big dreams for God.

We create huge conferences to encourage people to dream big dreams for God.

At this point your “cynic radar” is already starting to go off as you read this.  Bear with me a little longer before you cast me off.

Try to name one person in the New Testament who had “big dreams for God” in the way pastors and church planters are taught to.  The first people who come to my mind were the Jewish crowd in Matthew 21:1-11 who laid their coats on the ground while waiving palm branches as Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey.  This was “big thing” energy at its height as people shouted praises to Jesus and proclaimed him as their Messiah.

This frenetic crowd was made up of the same mob who shouted “Crucify him!” later in the week. Continue Reading…

Most people think 1 Corinthians 14 is only about whether we should speak in tongues in church or not.  What I found when preaching on this text a few weeks ago was a much broader, and in my opinion, much more important meaning.  What this chapter ultimately answers is the question, What is the purpose of a church gathering?  …and uses the spiritual gift of tongues versus the gift of prophecy as a case study example to answer this question.

You can check out the entire sermon below, but ultimately the text shows over and over again that the purpose of what we do in a public church service is to edify the rest of the congregation, not to edify ourselves.  With that in mind…

  • When you get to church on a Sunday, what is your mission?

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