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You can listen to Noah Filipiak’s “Behind the Curtain” Podcast interview with Dr. Mike Wittmer on the Podbean Player below or you can subscribe to all “Behind the Curtain” Ministry Podcast episodes on iTunes. (Podcast listening tip: use the podcasts app on your smartphone and listen while driving, doing chores, or working out)

Noah Filipiak interviews Dr. Mike Wittmer on the effects Christian celebrityism is having on the Church at large.  Prior to the internet explosion, good content would get a book published. Nowadays, the only thing that will get someone published is popularity (called “platform” in the publishing industry). Noah and Mike explore the effects this trend has on the souls of authors (namely, themselves!) and on the type of theology being put into the hands of Christians.

Dr. Michael Wittmer is the Professor of Systematic & Historical Theology at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

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I’ve been preaching on Genesis at Crossroads and recently blogged on “Should We Read Genesis Literally?”  While the response from people at Crossroads has been overwhelmingly positive, and we even saw a man put his faith in Christ because the roadblock he had surrounding Genesis was finally removed, the blog post received mixed reviews.  This should be expected from a much broader online audience, and I’m definitely okay with it and welcome it.

I was happy to discover the topic at the upcoming Grand Rapids Theological Seminary Talking Points is “Creation in Scripture” and is going to address what I bring up in my sermon head-on.  They are bringing in John Walton, whose ministry tagline is “Genesis Through Ancient Eyes.”  As I understand it, this is the idea that we should read Genesis through the eyeglasses of its original audience, the Hebrew ex-slaves of Exodus who Moses and his scribes wrote the book to (hundreds and thousands of years after the Genesis events happened).  When we do this, it brings alive with incredible freshness the God-breathed theological truths of Genesis.  The contemporary historical and scientific debates we are accustomed to in conservative Christianity fade into the background as irrelevant to its purpose. Continue Reading…