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When we think of social justice, we often don’t think of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  And when we think of Martin Luther King, we often don’t think about how sold out for Jesus this man was.  In my first session of the day at the Justice Conference, Paul Louis Metzger played a 5 minute clip from one of Dr. King’s sermons.  It was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever heard.  You can listen to the entire MLK sermon here.

The topic of Metzger’s talk was on how to maintain lifestyles of justice over the long haul and not burn out.  King’s words were not the sole focus of the talk, but they stood out to me the most.  In his sermon, King was recalling a late night phone call he had received recently from a hateful white man who told him he was going to blow up King’s house and blow out King’s brains if he didn’t stop his civil rights actions.  King was describing the emotional and psychological weight this call had on him.

I think we often assume that King was somehow superhuman.  Continue Reading…