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For those who have been following my publishing journey, you may have been wondering when, if ever, my book was actually going to get published.  I got an agent back in Fall 2015 and I thought it’d be a pretty quick process from there.  Little did I know what the future held…

After interviewing a lot of authors on my podcast who have struggled with the ups and downs of the publishing industry, I now have firsthand knowledge.  The #1 reason I am indie-publishing (besides the fact that it has taken forever to try to get a big publisher) is because of the damage the process has done to my soul.  The way Christian publishing works nowadays is you need a “platform” in order to get published.  For some authors, their platform exists in the books they published before the “platform” / social media era took over.  For others, being the head of a large organization or pastoring a megachurch is the platform.  For someone trying to get his first book published and who does not pastor a megachurch, my platform lies in how many people read my blog, my podcast listens, follow me on Twitter, etc.  In essence, my statistics prove if I am worthwhile to a publisher or not.  Continue Reading…

at a crossroads behind the curtain ministry podcast noah filipiakEpisode #7 of “Behind the Curtain” Ministry Podcast is here!

In this interview I talk with Zachary Bartels on the balance of being both a pastor and a Christian fiction author.  We talk about the required “self-promotion” of the author world and the safeguards that have to be put in place to make sure this doesn’t become sin.  I share my own insecurities I faced when I began trying to get published, including embarrassing moments due to this insecurity.  We talk about making money as an author and using fiction as a medium for communicating gospel truth like a ninja.

Here’s where you can listen to my interview with Zach:

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Ask any driven church planter if they have a vision of someday having a church with 500 people or a few thousand people and/or multiple campuses, (and if they are honest) they will likely tell you yes.  Ask any church planting denomination, and they will definitely tell you yes!

This is a successful church in today’s era.

All for the sake of the gospel, right?

I’m reading through the book of Mark right now and I’ve been struck by how almost every one of the early chapters describes Jesus with a huge crowd surrounding him to listen to him preach.

This is the pastoral jackpot.

And a very impressive Twitter following.

Yet we know how the story ends…these same people, these same crowds, are the same ones we find only a few chapters later screaming at the top of their lungs, “Crucify him! Crucify him!”

Utter pastoral failure.

And if we’re honest about Jesus’ life, it was an utter failure Continue Reading…

Most of you know by now I wrote a book on sexual purity this past summer during my sabbatical.  Well, I guess it can’t be called a “book” technically, but it is a very long Microsoft Word document that I hope gets turned into a book someday.

I was really blessed to have an editor at Baker Books volunteer to look at it for me and give me advice as a first-time author.  (A very generous gesture and something I really appreciate) There was a chance if he liked it and thought it would sell, that I could skip over a lot of the middle steps and get published by Baker.

Got the email last week. Continue Reading…