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Episode 10 brings a special guest interview with Damon Seacott, who has chosen to live a life of singleness and celibacy.  This is a great episode for singles to have someone to relate to, and great for married folks to learn how to be in community with singles and why that’s so important for both.  The Church has much to learn on how it over-emphasized marriage and the damage this can do to the mission and community of the Church.

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I accepted a full-time job with Covenant Eyes as a Church Consultant.  My primary role will be working with churches who are interested in addressing and removing pornography from their churches.  If you are a church leader and are interested in this, contact me as this is the exclusive focus of my new job.

I am staying at Crossroads Church as a member and will be in the preaching rotation, but will no longer be on staff and will no longer be on the decision-making elder team.  I’ll have a title of Pastor Emeritus, which sounds like something from Star Wars.  This title honors my founding of the church and the role I’ve played in the congregation’s life, but is a volunteer role that does not carry decision-making authority with it.

Our church members received letters from me last week, but I thought a blog post filling others in would be good as well.  This is also good for me as I process things through writing them out, and I’ll probably share some soul-level things here that fit my personal blog format better than they would a letter to my church members. Continue Reading…

My latest article is up on the Covenant Eyes blog, check it out at: When Fantasy Invades Your Marriage.