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You can listen to Noah Filipiak’s “Behind the Curtain” Podcast interview with James Gardin on the Podbean Player below or you can subscribe to all “Behind the Curtain” Ministry Podcast episodes on iTunes. (Podcast listening tip: use the podcasts app on your smartphone and listen while driving, doing chores, or working out)

Noah Filipiak interviews James Gardin’s about overcoming rejection and persevering in the music industry.  About what it’s like to get a song on ESPN and how to handle the insecurities.  James explains what his message is as a Christian artist, and last but not least freestyles about Noah’s hometown of Oconomowoc!

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I cancelled my subscription to Relevant Magazine this week, a magazine I’ve received for many years now.  This truly is not a post to bash Relevant–I think they have a very focused mission, are very good at what they do, and I know are helping a lot of people.  I’m really just writing this to help put some of my thoughts and convictions on paper as a way of trying to figure out some important internal priorities, and hopefully it will stir up some readers’ thoughts as well.

This blog post isn’t about Relevant, it’s about how some Christians try so hard to be cool, and how I realized this really began affecting my walk with Jesus.  I began realizing when I read Relevant (the articles, the celebrities, the Christian celebrities, the graphics, all the ads for the next cool conference, every seminary and Bible college under the sun buying ad-space to try to look cool…), it didn’t want to make me more like Jesus, it made me want to be cool.  I don’t think this affects everyone, and I fully acknowledge this may just be a reflection of the fact that I’m 31 now, am a father of two and yes, drive a minivan. Continue Reading…

Written by Jim Decke:

“Why have you given up on becoming straight?” I was recently asked this question by a new friend. He had seen me give my testimony at church about being a gay Christian and had read my story on Facebook. I told him that being straight didn’t matter to me anymore; that I was content living a single, celibate life and knew that God was pleased with me. I went away from our conversation feeling like I hadn’t really answered the question for him, or for myself, so I have been thinking about it a lot since then.

I have known that I was gay since I was under 10 years old but the full impact of what that meant didn’t hit me until I was in my teens. I was gay! I did everything I could to change. Continue Reading…