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Love offering for Kyle & Alex Lake

Watch a video of Kyle walking through his store after the robbery

Pastor Kyle’s shoe store was robbed this past Friday and Saturday nights.  Kyle is the owner of Smokin’ Souls, a sneaker boutique, where he collects half his income; the other half coming from his youth pastor job at Crossroads Church, where I co-pastor.  While the insurance should cover the inventory that was stolen, Kyle will have to close the store down for some time and will be missing a significant chunk of his regular income during that time.  This is a very emotional and stressful time for Kyle and his wife Alex and we want to BE THE CHURCH for them during this difficult time.  We took a love offering on Sunday, but want to make the love offering available to you online and this coming Sunday at Crossroads as well.  If you’d like to give to Kyle and Alex, you can do so via Paypal to (write “for Kyle and Alex Lake” in the notes), or you can mail a check to Crossroads Church, 108 W. Cesar Chavez Ave., Lansing MI 48906.  Write your check out to Crossroads Church and put “for Kyle and Alex Lake” in the memo line.