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I was disappointed with the Lansing State Journal’s story about my friend Mark Bozzo’s death.  If the job was to report the news, the news was not reported.  Mark was so much more than a good person who had a big heart.  He was definitely those things, but so much more.  Mark was also a bulldog, who would be upset by being portrayed incompletely.  He’d especially be upset that the most important person in his life, Jesus Christ, was completely left out of his story.  I sent the following article in to the LSJ earlier this week, which did not get printed.  This is for you, Mark: Continue Reading…

You can listen to Noah Filipiak’s BONUS “Behind the Curtain” Podcast episode on the Podbean Player below or you can subscribe to all “Behind the Curtain” Ministry Podcast episodes on iTunes. (Podcast listening tip: use the podcasts app on your smartphone and listen while driving, doing chores, or working out)

In this bonus episode of the “Behind the Curtain” Ministry Podcast, host Noah Filipiak takes time to break down the content of his new book Beyond the Battle.  In the first half of the episode, Noah talks about his personal testimony of overcoming a pornography addiction, how he was tempted to get a divorce, and how going beyond symptom-based solutions to sexual sin transformed him as a man.  In the second half of the episode, Noah talks about the toll his book publishing journey did on his soul, and why he chose to publish independently.

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All too often we waste our scars.

We endure pain and we inflict pain.

We are scarred. Continue Reading…

I hear a lot of people say they won’t believe in Jesus unless they see him physically.  As if they want him to appear in a hologram-like state and speak to them in a deep booming voice.

I saw Jesus this past Sunday.  He was obvious.  I saw him when I heard these 5 stories:


A great visual of finding Jesus: