What Does the U-shaped ن​ Arabic letter mean on Facebook and Twitter?

You might be seeing the Arabic letter ن​ popping up on friends’ Facebook and Twitter profile pics and have been wondering what it means.   ن​ is the Arabic letter for “N” and was spray painted on all Christian property to be seized by ISIS militants in Mosul, Iraq.  The “N” stands for the Arabic word for Christian, which is “Nasrani” or Nazarene.  Referring to Jesus the Nazarene, our Savior.

These Mosul Christians were given an ultimatum to either convert to Islam, submit to their radical rule and pay a religious levy, or face death by the sword.  Many fled for their lives.

The symbol used by ISIS to identify Christians to be persecuted is now being used by Christians all over the world on Facebook and Twitter as an act of solidarity with our brothers and sisters being persecuted and martyred.

I encourage Christians to use this symbol NOT as an act of hate or vengeance against Muslims.  NOT as a way of associating all Muslims as terrorists or like the ISIS.

I encourage Christians to use this symbol as a reminder to PRAY for persecuted Christians in the Middle East.  Also use this symbol as a reminder to PRAY for the non-Christians who are being persecuted in the Middle East, some who are moderate Muslims.  (Note that the ن​ symbol first showed up as a sign of solidarity in a rally held at a Christian church in east Baghdad.  A rally that reports say had 200 Muslims in attendance showing an act of solidarity with the persecuted Christians.)

Most importantly, use this symbol to show that you too are a Christian, a follower of Jesus the Nazarene, and like our brothers and sisters in Iraq being killed for their faith, you believe nothing in the world is more valuable than faith in Jesus’ mercy and unquenchable love, not even life itself.

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  1. Charity Patch June 29, 2015 at 3:21 am

    It would be an honor to bear this symbol. May Jesus give our brothers and sisters strength, courage, and wisdom.

  2. Prayer won’t keep your head on. You better evolve in a way that meets the need. Do not mistake prayer for action. Do not let prayer channel fear into inaction. You are not absolved or deobligated from DOING something just because you layed an actionable problem on God.

  3. ISIS puts out a glossy magazine usually directed at radicalizing and enlisting Muslims to their cause. Their most recent one though is called “Break the Cross” directed at Christians. That phrase comes from their scriptures: “By the One in whose
    Hand is my soul, very soon shall the Son of Maryam descend in your midst,
    being an equitable judge. He shall break the cross, kill the swine, and put aside
    the jizyah.”

    Of interest is “Why Ww Hate You & Why We Fight You” starting on pg. 30


  4. Thank you , I have always wondered what does the letter mean. This reminds me of the Coptic Christians in Egypt who tattoo the cross on their write hand to remind them of who they are and to remember the Christians who are still being prosecuted in Egypt.

  5. I wonder what was the symbol of Muslims at the time of crusades

  6. The crusades were a response to 1400 years of Muslim attacks on Europe. Not to mention north Africa and the far East.
    The Crusades were nothing compared to what was going on at the time, in fact it was necessary given the circumstances.

  7. I as a Muslim will use ن from now on, on all my social media profile cuz we need to stand with our Christian cousins. Fcuk ISIS.

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