Watch your favorite TV shows and movies without the sex and nudity, with VidAngel

For years, I’ve made a personal policy to not watch any TV shows or movies that contain graphic sex or nudity.  Because of this choice to be pure in my thought life, I have missed out on some good shows!  Has it been worth it?  Of course it has.  But wouldn’t it be nice to eat fresh donuts that have the nutrition contents of fresh broccoli?  Well now, that is possible!  No, not the donuts unfortunately, but follow the concept.

VidAngel is an incredible program.  It’s $8/month (first month is free).  It connects to your existing Netflix, Amazon Prime, and/or Amazon Channels HBO account. VidAngel then lets you pick what you want to filter out from the show.  There’s a list of items from swear words to violence to sex and nudity scenes.  The descriptions are written in text and do not give away character names or plot points of the show so are spoiler-free.  Then when that scene of the show or movie arrives, it is simply skipped over.

VidAngel doesn’t have every single movie or TV show available, but they have a whole bunch of them, including popular nudity-filled shows like Game of Thrones and House of Cards.  I have called out Game of Thrones as porn for a long time now, as its ratings soar higher than higher.  Well now, I can actually watch it!  And so can you, without polluting your mind with pornography.

Any show that is free on Netflix or Amazon through your existing subscription is free to you through VidAngel. VidAngel has other movies ready for filtering that you’d have to pay to rent from Netflix or Amazon, just like you would normally because those services don’t have every movie available for free.

Leave a comment below or contact me if you have any more questions about using VidAngel. I am an affiliate for them, (my church receives $8.50 if you sign up using my link) just like I am with Covenant Eyes, two products I use and love and recommend to anyone seeking to be pure.





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3 responses to Watch your favorite TV shows and movies without the sex and nudity, with VidAngel

  1. Have they gotten all the “kinks” out?

  2. Excellent. Thank you. At one time my family used something similar to do this – it was called ClearPlay.

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